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What Does The Home Bundle Include?

My EV Charger Home Bundle includes a premier Level 2 electric vehicle smart charger installed by licensed and bonded electricians. A dedicated user-friendly app that provides convenient smart technology. Information and links for all applicable local, state reimbursements, plus federal tax credits. No need to search for vehicle charger locations or wait at a public charger station. Your smart EV charger allows you to charge your vehicle at home whenever it’s convenient for you.

My Home Bundle Benefits

  • Level 2 Smart Home Charger
  • Installation By Licensed / Certified Electrician
  • 3 To 5 Times Faster Charge Than A Level 1 Charger
  • Qualifies For Applicable Rebates, Tax Credits, And Other Incentives
  • Remote Start And Stop Charging
  • Schedule And Track Your Usage With Smart Functions
  • WiFi Enabled And Bluetooth Ready
  • Take Advantage Of Off Peak Hourly Rates
  • Weatherproof For Outdoor And Outdoor Use
  • UL And Energy Certified
  • Add To Your Home Resale Value 
  • Dedicated User Friendly App
  • O.E.M Approved EV Charging Equipment 
  • 3 Year limited Factory Warranty
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Reduce Your Environmental Carbon Footprint

Dedicated User-Friendly App

All the advantages of your dedicated app provide features and services that can be managed from your smartphone for EV charging, available for iOS and Android worldwide. As a single touchpoint it allows you full remote control of your smart charging anytime, anywhere.

Features Include:

  • Connect one or more chargers to your account via WiFi or CellularLine 2
  • Set the charging mode: just plug in to charge or start charging sessions via the appLine 4
  • RFID management
  • View your real-time charging data and charging session history
  • Grant your friend and family to access your charger with sharing a PIN
  • Receive notifications about charging session status
  • Activate your profile that will constantly evolve in line with your driving needs and technological innovations in e-mobility, making it a truly futureproof app
  • Monitor and measure the production of consumption of electricity
  • Personalize your experience with your EV make and model

Information For Incentives And Tax Credits

My EV Charger Home Bundle provides a dedicated link that provides nationwide information on how to obtain applicable local, state and federal tax credits when you complete your residential installation. Take advantage of all the incentives available for your Level 2 smart charger today.

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Our mission at My EV Charger is to improve EV charging accessibility in everyday business and commercial application settings and ensure effective integration of EVs in our clean energy future.