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ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint Home Flex is a fast, flexible, connected and reliable Level 2 home charger, charging up to 50 amps and 9x faster than a regular wall outlet. Drivers can pick the charging speed that works for them and their home, from 16 amps to 50 amps.

Level 2, 240-volt EV charging station

Charges up to 9X faster than a wall outlet

Works with all Electric Cars

Charge up to 9X faster

Chargepoint CPH50-NEMA14-50-L23 Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

A wall outlet just doesn’t cut it anymore. Add up to 37 miles of Range Per Hour to your EV with ChargePoint® Home Flex, a 240-volt Level 2 home charger that delivers up to 50 amps of power. Most drivers will use 32 or 40 amps. 48 or 50 amps will give you the fastest charge, but requires hardwired installation and may require electrical upgrades. Contact a licensed electrician to set the amperage that matches your electrical panel capacity and vehicle requirements to see how fast you can charge.

Set ChargePoint Home Flex toMiles of Range Per Hour
50 Ampsup to 37 Miles
48 Ampsup to 36 Miles
40 Ampsup to 30 Miles
32 Ampsup to 25 Miles
24 Ampsup to 18 Miles
16 Ampsup to 12 Miles

Stock Code


Circuit Voltage

240 Volts

Connector Type

SAE J1772-2009

Cord Length

23 Feet

Cord Type

SJ/SO Cord



NEMA Configuration

NEMA 14-50


EV Charging Stations

Voltage Rating

208/240 Volts


UL2594, UL2231-1, UL2231-2. NEC Article 625 compliant

Save money on home charging

There are many rebates, tax credits, and other incentives that can save you money on home charging, especially when you get a smart charger like Flex.

Convenient, connected, and smarter than ever

ChargePoint Home Flex can charge any EV, including your next one. It also works with your home, now and in the future.

Install once, charge whenever

No matter what you drive or how much space is available in your electrical panel, ChargePoint Home Flex fits right in. Have a licensed electrician install it indoors or outdoors using a NEMA 6-50 plug, 14-50 plug, or hardwired connection, and set the appropriate charging speed — up to 50 amps. Hardwired installation is required for 48A, and 50A charging. Click here for more installation resources.

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